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School Holidays

School Holidays from a Different Angle

For some parents, the school holidays are a great time to take back your kids full time, and give each other some undivided love and attention.

For others it can feel like a storm brewing, as the long days of trying to find entertainment and affordable ways to while the days safely away, stretch out before you like a sentence.

There are some parents who struggle to maintain their jobs during the school holidays, trying to balance Continue reading School Holidays

Landfill and Recycling

Landfill and Recycling

As recycling has grown as a necessary industry, landfill continues to process its share of waste. The modern landfill operation is a business as involved and as exacting as many processing plants in industry.

As with any industrial plant type enterprise, good team management can be at the heart of success. The wellbeing and safety of employees, and full knowledge and application of environmental legal requirements, hand in hand with local expectations, can all result in a smooth running operation.

This is the foundation of a Continue reading Landfill and Recycling

S172 – How To Prove Reasonable Diligence

The Reasonable Diligence Defence

If a vehicle for which you are the registered keeper is caught / accused of a motoring offence, speeding etc, you will be sent a section 172 form and you are required to name the driver.

It’s possible to avoid doing so if you can prove on the balance of probabilities that you used reasonable diligence to try to establish who was driving but Continue reading S172 – How To Prove Reasonable Diligence

Should You Buy Backlinks?

Is It Wise To Buy Backlinks?

There is a lot of debate online about the pro’s and con’s of buying backlinks rather than waiting from them to grow 100% organically.

Technically, if you employ an SEO consultant to build links for you, you are thereby paying for backlinks…… Which Google doesn’t like.

There is however, a massive difference between paying for a backlink on a page that clearly advertises the fact that it sells links and being included on a page where there is no such advertising.

There is no way for Google to determine whether you received a link through pure merit of because you paid for it. This makes it difficult for the search engine to penalise you for having a link on sites like these.

In practical terms, there are millions of sites that publish links in exchange for payment, but very little evidence on the front facing website that that is the case.

Google Compliance

To remain fully compliant with Google best practice, any paid adverts (or links) should carry the rel=”nofollow” attribute so that they don’t contribute to your SERPs, but in many instances this doesn’t happen and there are millions of instances online where sites are not being penalised by Google for having dofollow advertisement links pointing to the pages of their sites.

Buying Back-links

If you are going to buy backlinks to improve your search engine rankings, then you need to be very careful about where you obtain them.

Google is constantly on the lookout for sellers and buyers of links designed to manipulate their rankings, and by buying a link, you are very often joining into a link network of sorts which can be a dangerous game to play.

The answer, instead of buying backlinks is to seek expert opinion to guide your link building program (Deeho Ltd are a great starting point) so that your links are of suitable quality to help your rankings.

How To Be Safe Shopping Online

Safe Online Shopping

The phenomena of online shopping is a modern convenience that many people now would find hard live without. It may be topping up your music, checking bargains, finding the must-have pair of shoes, or someone to mend the washing machine, but it has become a second nature to many of us.

If you go shopping in the high street or centre, you would make sure your wallet or purse wasn’t hanging out of your pocket or bag, you would take Continue reading How To Be Safe Shopping Online